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Comments on: "Contact me" (2)

  1. Leon Lane said:

    Just by a chance click of the mouse, I discovered your thoughtful essay. I have no idea who you are, where your funding comes from or what you are trying to accomplish with your writings, but I enjoyed reading your point of view. In the past, when I discovered something like this, I would have a knee jerk reaction and buy into the person’s philosophy just because the writer seemed to mirror my belief system. After numerous disappointments, I have come to a place where I find so many people using the Hegelian Dialectic to win converts/supporters that I trust no one at first glance. It is a sad state of affairs that our world is populated with those who easily use artful language and deception so that we can never truly trust others. The old quote “I only trust you and me and I am not so sure about you” is, unfortunately, how everyone should view the world.
    Best Regards, Leon

  2. This article is quite good, and should have a wider audience. And I enjoyed perusing your site.

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