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Government as secular religion

So much that is done by government today is done because it is, according to the government, morally correct.

Take, for example, the public school system. Its whole rationale is that the whole citizenry, thru their taxes, must support the schools because of those who would not be able to afford an education otherwise. This is a statement of morality, and a policy of action based on that morality. This is government as secular religion.

Are not all the religions of the world, especially the myriad protestant churches, divided over interpretations of doctrine and morality? And don’t we declare a freedom of religion because people disagree about these things? Yet the government does not allow dissension from its declared doctrine and morality. You must contribute to the public schools thru your taxes, regardless of what you think about them. You must contribute to various other “good” services that the government provides, regardless of what you think about them. You must agree to the rightness of gay marriage, regardless of what you think about that, because the government has declared it morally correct. You must provide contraceptives and abortifacients to your employees because the government has declared that the morally correct thing to do. Against the moral teachings of the government no freedom of conscience is allowed. It is the one exception to the First Amendment.


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