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I had a dream.

I had a dream that I was on a plane flying … somewhere. Not important. I was in a middle seat, and the fellow in the aisle seat, dressed in jacket and tie, was Congressman Ron Paul. We had a great time discussing the value of freedom, and the future possibilities of living in a truly free world. I, of course, spent a good deal of time explaining cantons to him. He was interested, and had lots of penetrating questions. Yet, even by the end of our conversation and flight, he appeared to be skeptical of the concept’s potential. We shook hands as he quickly exited the plane.

Days later he called with more questions. I did my best to answer them. When we had finished the conversation, I sat there, wondering what was up. He actually seemed interested in the whole idea. I, naturally, was thrilled, but hesitant to get my hopes up that anything would come of it.

About two months later, he called again. He and his lawyer had worked out the details to create a canton as a non-profit organization. He was going to name it the “Paleo-libertarian Canton of America”. Within a week’s time I began to see ads on various websites offering memberships to the canton. He had hired Trevor Lyman to do the publicity.

What a great dream.


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