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Living with a parasite

So many people today are walking around in a daze. They don’t understand what is happening to our world. They don’t understand why everyone in the world seems to hate Americans. They don’t understand why we are living in another Depression era. They are living in denial of what is ahead, so glibly referred to as the “fiscal cliff”.

There are two economies that define our world today. The first is the productive economy, the business of buying and selling goods and services. This is where all profit is made.

The second economy is the parasite economy. It lives off the productive economy, eating what it does not produce. This is epitomized by the vast majority of government functionality. Not only does it consume in such a way as to diminish the power of the productive economy to be productive, but it generally works against it, in favor of benefiting (in the short term) a minority (the elite in power both in government and in business).

Sadly, for us, the parasite economy has been able to grow very large, living on the reserves of a very productive past. In the US especially, where the dollar benefits by being the world’s reserve currency, we appear to be artificially wealthy. But we are living off stored fat, and it is quickly being used up. Soon there will be no reserves left, and the economy of the whole world will abruptly change for the worse. Or actually, for the better. Why better? Because we will be forced to face reality finally. We will be forced to kill off the parasite that has been killing us, and make sure the productive economy can grow. As with any medical treatment, the pain is inseparable from the cure.

Cantons provide the best means for ensuring that the parasite dies quickly, and that it never comes back.


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