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Our federal government (U.S.) is supposedly founded on a separation of powers, vested in the three branches of government: legislative, executive, and judicial. Turns out, these three tend to pull together like sled dogs. The real power in all governments is the coterie of special interest groups and their huge army of lobbyists. Though each interest group tends to pull their own way, they find ways to divide the pie up to their general satisfaction.

What I am proposing with cantons is a new division of power. The first is the power of PROPOSING. This can be left to the “professional” politicians (I have to use the quotes around professional, otherwise the idea of a professional politician would be too absurd). Let those in government, specifically the legislatures (as well as those who behave like legislatures, which today includes far too many in the executive and judicial branches) to propose programs. But to offset their power, and correct their obvious lack of wisdom when it comes to deciding exactly how to spend government revenue, I propose that the cantons exist to exercise the power of DISPOSING. That is, it is up to the cantons to get control of government revenue proportionate to their memberships, and determine which programs actually get funded, and, much more importantly, which don’t.


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