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The Blame Game

When things go wrong, we look to blame someone. Very rarely do we blame ourselves. It’s a natural tendency not to want to look bad in the eyes of other people, so we look around us for someone else to blame.

It is too easy to look at the political and economic disasters in the world today and blame politicians, pundits, and business leaders. But the fact is, they only do what any normal person (yes, the one looking back at you from the mirror) would do in the same situation. In general, we are no better or worse than those we would like to place the blame on for our present sad state.

In fact, it is precisely that person in the mirror than you should be blaming. We are not without the ability to make things better. But to even begin that task, we have to take responsibility for the way things are now, and also responsibility for finding ways to fix it. At that point, blame is pointless and useless. Instead, we need courage and fortitude. We need to encourage one another to resolve to do something, based on our best judgement of what would be most helpful. And then we need to do it.

Creating cantons is first of all taking personal responsibility for the way things are in the world right now, and resolving to do something about it.

Go to a mirror and take a look. The person you see there is really to blame for the way things are. That person is also key to making things better.


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