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A Happy Serf

Greg wrote: “I welcome ideas such as yours, I just wonder how it could accomplish everyone’s needs, knowing that people are so diverse. For ex if I want a pool in my neighbourhood, and my neighbours do not want it, it won’t help me if I signed with the canton that favors a pool but the people who are members of my canton do not live in my neighbourhood. In the end, it comes down to who your neighbours are.”

Libertarianism is an attempt to determine what is the proper place of coercion within human society. The Non-Aggression Principle limits the use of force to the reaction of a victim to the threat or occurrence of aggression by another. Needless to say, those who support the nearly unlimited power of government to do whatever a majority of the elite favor do not hold to the Non-Aggression Principle.

In Greg’s world, the use of force by government is necessary to see that a pool is available for the common use of all in his neighborhood (whether his neighbors want it or not). He apparently cannot imagine a group of people in his neighborhood creating an association for this purpose, to build and manage a pool for the benefit of whoever would seek membership. The propaganda machine of the state has been quite successful in convincing people that only by force can anything of worth be accomplished.


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