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Closed Boxes

I had a conversation the other day with an old acquaintance, introducing him to the concept of cantons. “Too much about taxes”, he said. “It won’t resonate with most people”. The discussion that ensued went on for a good long time. At one point, in arguing against any idea that a political solution could work, I described the current political situation as a “closed box”. By this I meant that everything within politics was controlled by the special interests, not the people. As the recent rash of clearly intentional “miscounts” in several Republican caucuses and primaries shows (Iowa, South Carolina, Nevada, Maine), no one can win an election who is not pre-approved. They’ll do whatever it takes, no matter how ungraceful. No amount of trying to elect “good” people will change the fact that those who get elected will do so because they will toe the line set for them by the most powerful special interests.

My solution to this vexing problem required that it be outside that closed box. I determined that taxes, necessary to the functioning of governments, could be used against them, because people still look on taxes as “their money”. My reasoning was that, if I could get enough people to want to take back control of “their money”, it would crack open those closed boxes from within. What a lovely sound that would be!


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