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Gerald Celente of Trends Research is an amazing guy. He is a trend watcher who seems to be right far more often than he is wrong.

But I have a quibble with one of his latest ideas: direct democracy. Direct democracy means we ALL vote about EVERYTHING. I agree with this idea only in the sense that it does away with representational democracy and recognizes the rights of every individual. But I disagree with the practicality of everyone voting on everything. The very idea of it exhausts me!

Cantons as defined here (not as the territorial subsidiary units found in Switzerland, but as non-territorial, ideologically-cohesive subsidiary units) accomplishes the same thing. Each person chooses a canton for a year to spend his taxes according to his principles and values. The canton management does this for him. At the end of the year, the citizen judges how well his money was spent by his canton, and either retains his contract as is, forces a change in the canton management (if this seems likely to improve things), or goes to another canton. He doesn’t have to vote on every matter all year long. But the results should be pretty close to the same — his money is spent on what he thinks is important.

Mr Celente, please reconsider your call for direct democracy. There is a better way.


Comments on: "Direct democracy or cantons?" (1)

  1. I certainly agree that 100% direct democracy is not feasible, but it beats the hell out of what we now have. A “toned down” version would be good, I think. You know what this is based on my “bastards book.” People would vote for candidates from within their own ranks and neighborhoods rather than for “moneyed” candidates who are, always and only, Democrats or Republicans.

    As for the cantons you propose, I see the logic and wisdom in such a scenario. However, I doubt very seriously that “Joe Sixpak,” who represents the voters you MUST reach, would have a single clue as to what you are talking about. Perhaps one in a thousand might understand. For my own suggestion of “voting for candidates truly OF the people”, the number might be one or two in ten with still not a “dog’s chance in hell” of said suggestion being enacted.

    Still, we gotta keep “hammerin’,” right?

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