home of the canton movement

We are quickly running out of options. For a long time we had enough money to cover all imaginable expenses. We could have a large welfare state, with everyone covered with a nominal income in their old age, and some kind of medical coverage. We could have a large warfare state, with a military budget larger than the next ten largest combined. We had the luxury to spend many billions more on “discretionary” spending.

The days of such abundance are gone for the foreseeable future. The proponents of the welfare and warfare states in Congress are left to snipe at one another, to defend their ideological fortresses, but not to make any progress to a solution, because there is nothing with which to negotiate.

As a result, we are very quickly getting to a crossroad, where the path we take will head in one of two directions. We will either move in the direction of a consolidation of power in the hands of fewer people, even to the point of dictatorship, or we will move in the direction of a broader distribution of power, into more and more hands.

We seem, at this time, to be heading toward the first path, of consolidation of power, and dictatorship. Cantons would move us speedily in the opposite direction, toward a distribution of power back to the people, in whose hands that power rightly resides.

Which way will we go? The truth is that the choice will always be in our own hands. Will we shrink in fear and lack of confidence in ourselves, and continue the long path we have been on toward dictatorship, handing over our power to others, to take care of us? Or will we finally find our courage to stand up for ourselves, toss fear aside, and take control of our future together? I know which course I choose. How will YOU choose, fellow serfs?


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