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I love my country. I have been to Maine and California, and passed thru many states in-between. I love the people and cultures that thrive here. I love the diversity and the unity that we live in. I love my country.

I hate what my government has become. It makes me sad to see how far we have fallen from our noble beginnings. I hate that we are at war with what seems like everyone else in the world. I hate that the government tortures and murders innocents in my name. I hate that, in order to fly to New England to visit the rest of my family, I have to endure either indecent exposure or inappropriate touching by government thugs. I hate that the taxes I pay are used for things I abhor, and all I can do is whimper about it, since clearly elections have no effect.

I love the Constitution of the United States. It was based on a nascent understanding of natural human rights, and proposed for the second time (the first being Switzerland) a nation that was a federation of strong states, a wonderful example of subsidiarity.

I hate that the Constitution is honored in the breach, given lip-service to, and generally ignored by all those who took oaths to uphold it. Their attempts to change it by making it a “living” document has led only to a government of willfulness and degeneration.

I miss my old country. Will someone please help me get it back?


Comments on: "I miss my old country." (2)

  1. Dwight Johnson said:

    Quiet Man, I couldn’t agree more, as I make clear elsewhere. Representative government is fatally flawed. What I love about the old document is that it was based to some extent on the principle of subsidiarity, ultimately recognizing the natural and inalienable rights of every person above that of both the individual States and the “general government’ (what we now call the federal government). Cantons are expressions of these same human rights.

  2. Quiet Man said:

    Dwight…the problems we see are actually the consequences of the constitution, and not because of any “breach” of it.

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