home of the canton movement

In the book “Eight Ways to Run the Country”, Brian Patrick Mitchell analyses the political terrain in the US and demonstrates that the ideologies that exist in America go beyond Right and Left, Democrat and Republican. He specifies eight points of a political compass, which encompass all ideologies: Communitarian, Progressive, Radical, Individualist, Paleo-Libertarian, Paleo-Conservative, Theo-Conservative, and Neo-Conservative.

Each of these groups represents millions of Americans, millions of taxpayers. Imagine cantons created for each of these ideological groups. Imagine millions of taxpayers signing on with these cantons, based on what, if anything, they would be willing to have their taxes pay for, and authorizing their canton to secure their taxes from the IRS. These cantons would then work with the various departments of government directly to see which programs of each department would get paid for, and which would not. Debt crisis? What debt crisis?

All it would take to do this would be the Last Great Popular Uprising, where the people demand control over their own taxes. Representative government by the two party system has clearly been broken for a long time. We the People need to step up and fix things in a new way.

Let the people who pay the taxes determine what the taxes pay for.


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