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Coward’s way out

It used to be fun being a congressman. You were looked up to by most people; you got some nice perks; you got to spend a lot of other people’s money, becoming, in the process, a hero in the eyes of those few who benefited from your largess. Those were the good old days. But,alas, those days are gone. Now there is no ready supply of cash to give away. Now it is only about making tough decisions about what cuts to make in a federal budget that is always teetering on the brink of collapse. No wonder so many are cutting their losses and getting out.

The ones who remain will, for the most part, be those who get in it for a quick buck. Being a congressman can still open a lot of doors, making the afterlife of a congressman very rewarding.

But, while in office, they will be faced with the harsh reality that cuts must be made, and every choice will make you enemies. What is a self-serving congressman to do?

The perfect answer is right here. Get someone else to make those tough choices. Cantons are the perfect way out for the cowards in Congress. Let the people who pay the taxes determine what the taxes pay for. Let the cantons take the heat. Perfect!


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