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Serfs rule!

Democratic governments tend to praise democracy. It gives the people the false impression that they have actual power, while all the real power remains with the oligarchical government and big business. All power in government comes ultimately from money, which is why the money flowing to the oligarchy from lobbyists confers so much power to the big businesses that lobby, and the oligarchs who do their bidding. Even though personal income tax provides 33% of the total revenues of the federal government these days, the people actually derive very little power over government thru it. That money, earned by their labors, never reaches either their pockets or their bank accounts, but is “withheld” by their employers, scooped up by the IRS, and is aggregated for whatever the oligarchy sees fit to spend it on. Tax-payers sit and watch from the sidelines as their money is spent. People used to get monarchs chosen for them by heredity, but now anyone can get elected into the oligarchy, though there still remain a limited number of available seats. The power of the monarchs, whether enthroned by heredity or election, especially the power to tax, remains firmly in their grip. The “progress” that democracy represents is largely an illusion.

Human beings deserve better. The people who provide 33% of federal revenues (53% if you include social security taxes) should be getting some bang for their buck. That is what cantons can provide. If the revenue of federal income taxes went to cantons to be spent according to the principles of the people who supplied the money, the people would finally have the clout they deserve. Think of cantons as lobbyists for real people. And all it would take for that to happen is for enough people to say that that is what they want.


The Business of Liberty

The most important paragraph in any canton’s contract would read something like this:

I, Dwight Johnson, authorize the Coral Canton of America to receive from the Internal Revenue Service all the taxes paid to that agency by me during the tax year of 2011.

By accumulating such documentation of intent to have ones taxes turned over to the canton of ones choosing begins the process by which the serfs will effect their own liberation.

Where are the entrepreneurs willing to begin this process? We need them to start creating cantons at every level of government everywhere. Let them draw up the contract, and begin to sign people up. To make it worth their while, they should charge a reasonable processing fee. This is how the end of serfdom begins.

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