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Simple. Powerful. Impossible.

 This is not a new idea. Mike Rozeff and I wrote about it. Pope Benedict XVI refers to it as “fiscal subsidiarity”. It intrigues me how easily we could fix everything that is wrong with the US government by this simple means.   

The idea is this: put a series of checkboxes on the IRS 1040 forms, allowing every person who submits the form to choose their party. Let’s be generous about this and include any national party that has at least 100,000 enrolled members. On April 15 or so, tally up the numbers by party. All revenues not coming from personal income taxes would be apportioned to the parties in proportion to each party’s percentage of income tax allotments.

Next, put the parties in charge of dolling out the taxes based on the results of these choices by taxpayers. Congress would have to consult with the parties when creating the legislation that expropriates funds, to see who was paying for what. Each year, every citizen would consider how well the actions of his party adhered to his personal values, and would determine which party got his taxes the following year.

Simple. Powerful. Impossible, of course, because too many special interests would lose out. Only disaster awaits us.


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