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Your money?

An article in today’s LewRockwell.com by Mark Crovelli speaks of why the Egyptian revolt failed. This line summarizes the reason.

It is not enough to demand elections, and it is not enough to demand freedom. Instead, what is ultimately needed is to cut off the beast’s funding and starve it to death. No dictatorship, junta or even republic in the world can survive if it cannot finance itself.

When a government can take your taxes from you even before it is in your pocket or checking account (tax withholding), it does not need to ask how you think the money should be spent. Don’t want the bailout of the big banks? Don’t want trillions spent on futile wars (“Terrorism”, “Drugs”)? Don’t want enormous bureaucracies (healthcare) where equally enormous fraud and waste is guaranteed? In a blink the money is spent and gone! It doesn’t matter what you want.

The only way to end tyranny like this is to take control of taxes, and that is exactly what cantons are designed to do. Freedom comes when you are able to choose what joint efforts at every territorial level are things you need and desire enough to pay for willingly. Everything else is slavery.


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