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The recent events in Egypt that concluded with the toppling of Hosni Mubarak, provided a surprising lesson for me. The lesson began when I watched a video of a young Egyptian woman, Asmaa Mahfouz, pleading for people to join her in a protest on January 25th. She was repeating, in so many words, a line that was often used by various candidates during the 2010 congressional elections here in the US: man up. Put another way, she encouraged her fellow victims of Mubarak to come to the square and protest the injustice of life under endless martial law, as was the case for his entire 30 year reign.

Many days after watching this video, the real import began to hit me. It is futile to appeal to government for justice, especially a redress of injustices caused by government. The appeal must be addressed, if one is to have any hope for redress, to all one’s fellow victims of injustice. Or, to put it in ways more consistent with other things I have said here, the appeal for justice must be made to, and in the final analysis can only come from, our fellow serfs. The serfs, my fellow serfs, are the only ones who can free me from my slavery to the governments at various levels. It is their collusion and submission to government that perpetuates my slavery, as well as their own. It is their standing up together with me that will eventually end slavery for all of us.


Comments on: "The power of serfs" (2)

  1. Dwight Johnson said:

    Of course the US Government WILL try to install another puppet leader, or rather, they will be more than happy to live with the one that is already running the Egyptian government even now. The struggle of the serfs for freedom is far from complete in Egypt. They are still serfs. They have won a battle, and they now know how to fight (non-violently). But the war for their freedom is far from over, as is ours.

  2. Good insight. Let’s hope the U.S. doesn’t try to install another puppet government. Perhaps, just once, our government might be able to restrain itself, and let these people choose their own government. We’ll see.

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