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Live interview on KZYX

On Thursday, December 30, 2010, I did a one hour live interview on public radio station KZYX, serving Mendocino County, California. The program was the Thursday Morning Report, hosted by Doug McKenty.


We are cantonistas!

A cantonista is a member of a canton. What is a canton? It is an association of free persons, identified with a particular geographical location and ideology. You become a cantonista by either creating a new canton, or joining an existing one. Our fundamental principles are the non-aggression principle (NAP) and the recognition that all human persons have an innate and inalienable dignity that comes from being human.

Consequently, we reject as contrary to human dignity the assertions of any human organization to a right to control another person contrary to the will of that person, except in such case where that person has acted contrary to the non-aggression principle.

We invite like-minded people around the globe to begin to create and join cantons. Start a Facebook page for your canton, then get lots of friends to join.  State your geographic bounds, and your ideology. Encourage people who disagree with you to leave your canton and form their own, or to join others that already exist.

For geographical boundaries, let us start with global, national, provincial, county, municipal, etc. For ideologies, use colors and hues, where Red represents centrist left, Blue centrist right, Coral libertarian. Beyond this, use your imagination. Let’s see how many cantons we can create by the first day of 2012.

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