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Today I got a very interesting email from a fellow by the name of Brad.

I am a businessman, or at least I was in the previous “normal”. I have no political experience. This is very interesting. How would I go about defining the concept into a step by step procedure? Obviously starting at consensus, and hopefully ending at cessation of local, state, and even federal taxation for it’s members, but the plan must be laid out in detail from start to finish in order to gain consensus.

To which I would respond:

Brad, all good questions. You present me with a challenge I may not be up to, since I myself am not a businessman. I see the need for change. I see why politics cannot effect positive change. I understand why government-by-coercion is demeaning and does violence to human beings. I am putting these things out there, hoping others will recognize their role in fixing the situation.

Here is my high-level step-by-step plan, such as it is.

1) Introduce people to the idea that government by cooperation is better in many ways than government by coercion.
2) Get people to create and join cantons, voluntary associations of people who want to find a real way to reduce their taxes and recover the level of freedom that is their birthright as human beings.
3) Get cantons to band together to exert pressure on governments at every level to allow greater freedom in determining how their taxes are spent, even to the point where they are spent only on those services they need and desire.

I wish I could offer more, but I don’t think I have the skills. I don’t even know if what I am hoping for is even possible. My hope is that I will be able to reach enough people that some of them will recognize what needs to be done, and can and will do it.

I’m not sure what you mean when you say “starting at consensus”. If there is any consensus, I would expect it to be about something very small, such as, that cantons could be a means to finally give people real control over government, and that they would be willing to try it. Other than that, how cantons would evolve over time is something about which I have no clue.


Comments on: "Need for a detailed plan" (2)

  1. Dwight Johnson said:

    Johnny, I think you have very clearly described what a canton can be, and what role it can have in bringing about the end of monopoly government. Also, I had never before heard of “dual power” before.

  2. Well, the idea of a canton (in this sense) is some sort of organization that performs some duties traditionally associated with a government, but does so through voluntary cooperation, as opposed to coercion. When this is done while there is already a government nominally in place, that is a strategy known as dual power (coined, ironically, by Lenin):

    Now, we can’t offer _all_ the function of government in open competition now, but we can offer some. What I would recommend to your questioner is that he or she examine their local community. Find an aspect of government that is faltering, and exploit it. Start a business offering a competing service (while there are legal restrictions against private individuals directly competing against the government, there are ways around those.) As the person is interested in cooperation and consensus, I’d recommend forming a co-op to do it (I’m a fan of co-ops.) As more aspects of government falter, these are opportunities to increase his business.

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