home of the canton movement

Although the canton movement was spawned by people who desired greater freedom in society, that is not why the majority of people will join cantons.

Most serfs today are happy serfs. They hold on to the illusion that things might be getting better, and soon we will be back to normal. They have a fairly comfortable life, and don’t see themselves as oppressed by government, so long as the government appears to provide some services at a cost that does not seem unreasonable.

But all that is about to change. As every level of government becomes more burdened by debt, as people feel the weight of government taxation grow heavier on their shoulders, while government services wither and die, the practical serfs will start to grumble, then complain, then rebel.

Up till now they have sought something for nothing, or next to nothing, from governments, and governments have been happy to play along. When local and state governments start to become bankrupt, the people will still want something for something, but government will only be able (mostly because of the overhang of enormous, expensive pension commitments for public employees made during the fat times) to provide a very little for very much.

“But we have rights!” the people will say with loud indignation. Certainly they have long been told by governments that they do have rights to many things, but that illusion will shortly be unsustainable. We are moving inexorably from good times to bad times, from wealth to want.

When that time comes, and it is not far off, we will not be able to afford the waste inherent in government by coercion. We will not be able to afford politicians creating giveaways for their special list. At that time, people will join cantons as a way to exercise some control over their lives, a way for them to push back against self-serving governments.

And push back we will. People, through the cantons they belong to, will pay only for those services THEY consider important, and they will pay only what they consider a fair price for those services, and only when the services are provided in such a way as meets their needs. They will do this, not because of deeply held principles about freedom, but because they won’t be able to afford anything else. The time to spend lavishly based on the whims of prodigal politicians is coming to an end.

So for now, we organize and wait. Our numbers will probably not grow large overnight. But, given the direction that things are going, the worst things get, the more serfs will seek a way out. Let’s get ready to welcome our fellow serfs. They will be joining us very soon.


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