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Cantons by spring?

Brian Wright, proprietor of The Coffee Coaster had lots of nice things to say about Government By Contract (GBC).

I was hoping you were as young as your fabulous ideas because mainly it’s just the energy factor, plus at least in the Old Paradigm world, people tend to listen to you less as you exceed a certain age, usually right around 40. Interestingly, my best and unique ideas, too–I’m the author of the Sacred Nonaggression Principle (SNaP), which is an fully integrated political ideology and strategy for liberty–came to me when I was in my mid-50s.
Basically, I’ve read your posts and articles on the subject of panarchy and GBC, and find the idea EXCITINGLY positive. I had just finished reading and reviewing The Sovereign Individual when I bumped into one of your Google ads, then the word itself simply expressed what I now call “constructive anarchy.” None of the anarchists we know will have to eat crow by going forward and working out practical arrangements for government services–because all the services are voluntarily obtained. (Besides, too many ‘anarchists’ dwell in the world of the negative and attach a self-worth to their rejection of coercive government out of proportion to how it serves to further their practical existence.)
The Sovereign Individual does not make the moral case at all, rather the economic case that the nation-state model is breaking down and people will be selecting governments on a service basis. The authors do not imagine the canton concept, which I feel is potentially HUGELY beneficial and can have relatively immediate impact. What you have done by presenting a few concepts in a calm and passionate manner is start people thinking about how to build a new, free society in real time. In the process of building “those forms that shall seem to them to best effect our safety and happiness” the old forms basically fall away. People start laughing at them. No more jackbooted thugs roughing up good people, in service to an imperial international oligarchy of banking and corporate criminals.
Thanks for the nod on your page for the Coffee Coaster. Interestingly, on your blog you have Travels with Brian and Forrest. Forrest is the name is my dear late brother whom I lost three years ago to a heart ailment. I am working on a column (Panarchy Papers III) in which I give a shot at a ‘declaration of independence’; I hope I have it by Monday. I have had the idea of ‘associations of sovereign individuals’ and your canton concept really helps me to concretize how that can play out in reality. You work on a family and/or household basis, which is good, too, because that will no doubt be the way our voluntary society unfolds.
Anyway, Dwight, kudos. This could get really large. I actually think if you plant the seeds in a few Free Staters who are on site over there in New Hampshire, some of the young ones, especially, you will see people forming cantons by spring. They’ll just do it. That’s where the formation of cantons actually becomes a form of civil disobedience. We can’t expect the existing coercive governments to let us go without putting up some kind of ruckus. But by the time the government figures out what’s going on, it will be too late. Quite possibly, Dwight, you may have created the Killer Meme I was trying to generate with the SNaP. [The problem with the SNaP is it’s too much of a thought; your version of GBC is a “do”, and the average fellow likes do’s more than thoughts.

Brian is a gifted writer, and obviously modest, but also a person with vision. He saw the word “panarchy”, found out what it meant, and immediately saw it happening. Let’s see if he is also prophetic, and that several young Free Staters and others around the country and the world will start “forming cantons by spring”.


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